Monday, April 2, 2007

11 credit report myths

I found this 11 credit report myths that might be useful to everyone:

  1. Paying my debts will make my credit report instantly pristine.
  2. Credit counseling always destroys my credit score.
  3. Canceling credit cards boosts my score.
  4. Too many inquiries hurt my score.
  5. Checking my own credit report harms my standing.
  6. FICO scores are locked in for six months.
  7. I don't need to check my credit report if I pay my bills on time.
  8. All credit reports are the same.
  9. A divorce decree automatically severs joint accounts.
  10. Bad news comes off in seven years.
  11. I can always pay someone to fix or repair my credit.

For the rest of the text you can go to this site.

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